Our Beer!

We currently have three ales available to buy directly from our Brewkery -  Our Exclusive Golden ale in 330ml and 500ml, our Blonde ale and our Festive ale! - soon all our ales will be available in just 500ml bottles.

Golden Ale 330ml- 4.5%
 currently out of stock

This Golden Ale combines light floral notes with biscuit flavours.

1 bottle - £1.70

4 bottles - £6

Box of 20 - £28


Blonde Ale 330ml- 4.5%
 currently out of stock

A crisp, refreshing beer with fragrant notes of lemon and citrus.

1 bottle - £1.70

4 bottles - £6

Box of 20 - £28

Festive Ale 330ml - 8% 
currently out of stock

A full bodied strong black beer, rich and smooth with hints of vanilla. 

1 bottle - £2.50

4 bottles - £8

Box of 20 - £35

Golden Ale 500ml- 4.5%
currently out of stock

This Golden Ale combines light floral notes with biscuit flavours.

1 bottle - £2.35

4 bottles - £9

Box of 12 - £25



Making the beer

We do everything from brewing, to bottling, labelling and boxing up the final product ready to be sold. Our service users learn so many skills throughout the process, not only skills to do with making beer, but also teamwork skills, conduct at work skills, communication skills and as well as helping support their confidence and self esteem. 

Each bottle is carefully weighed and checked over once it has been labelled to ensure maximum customer satisfaction! 

Our Bakers

We have had the pleasure of baking with some wonderful people over the last 6 years and it has been fantastic to see what everyone has been able to create. We have made many delicious Pizza's over the years and a big variety of sweet treats and breads. Take a look at some of our wonderful bakers below with their delicious creations! 

Why Not Bake with us at home!

Check out our youtube channel for some fun homebaking ideas

Apple, Cheese and Walnut Soda Bread

Gingerbread Men


Lemon Drizzle Cake

Oat and Raisin Cookies

White Bloomer

“I like coming here because the people are friendly. I like getting the experience of learning to do a bit of everything. I have learnt how to bake bread, cakes, pizza, blueberry muffins and chocolate cupcakes!”

Donna, one of our Brewers and Bakers


Special thanks for the support we receive from
Crisp Maltings 
Bread Source
School of Social Entrepreneurs 
Love Norfolk
Independence Matters 
Johnny Shirley
Tom Abbiss Smith


Graphic Design by - Johnny Shirley  

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