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A social enterprise based in the heart of Norwich

Our Story

The EQUAL Brewkery was founded in 2017 by Bill Russell with the vision to show that people with learning disabilities can be at the heart of a successful business, making a product we can be proud of and people want to buy. Bill was inspired to set up the organisation after he suffered a stroke. He met people living with brain injury and disability and wanted to provide support and help to people with additional needs.We are a not-for profit enterprise established for social good.

We work to enrich and enable the lives of people who have learning disabilities and mental health problems.

Through doing so we create great tasting beer and a variety of delicious breads and cakes!



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"I like coming here because the people are friendly, I get to meet new people, I met a good friend - Joseph.

I have met Carol too. I have got to know more people, including Sarah.

I like getting the experience of learning to do a bit of everything that I have never done before. All the people are nice. I like Bill and Sally.

I have learnt how to bake bread, cakes, pizza, blueberry muffins and we also made chocolate cupcakes." Donna




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"Jacob has been baking at The Brewkery for a while now. He's always happy to see Bill and enjoys the sessions.

His self esteem and confidence has developed enough to show and tell us what he has baked that day.

Through lockdown he followed Bill's Youtube step by step sessions and with little support was able to bake some delicious bread and biscuits." Jacob's Mum




‘beer for good’ Bill



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Equal Brewkery
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