Be A Part Of It

We would love to hear from you if you would like to be involved 

How can you help?


We are always looking for patient and empathetic people to support and train the brewers and bakers.

We will trainand  equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to produce fabulous products.

You can volunteer for a few hours, half a day or longer if you wish. 

We will pay you your expenses so you are not out of pocket.

For further details talk to Bill 07453 967733

email [email protected] or [email protected]


Bring us your bottles

We will bottle the beer we brew in recycled bottles so if you able to collect them for us we would be very grateful.

Specifically, we are looking for brown 330 cl bottles – approximately 230 mm tall with a 185 mm circumference.

If you can rinse them out and remove the label that would be brilliant.

You can drop them off at Independence Matters 120, Ipswich Road Norwich NR4 6QS or get in touch and we can come and pick them up.

Donate a Brewkery Slice

We realise not everyone can spare time but if you want to be part of the Brewkery you can help us to grow by donating.

We call it a Brewkery Slice which will help us invest and grow our project. If you can invest in the Brewkery we will provide you with  an annual voucher equivalent to 7.5% of your donation.

You can exchange this for bread or bottled beer from the brewkery. For example donate £100 and receive an annual voucher for example two bottles of beer and two loaves of bread.

However, much more than that you will have the satisfaction that you have contributed to the growth and development of Equal Brewkery.