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Brewkery News July 2019 V3

Latest from the Brewkery, Bottling day today, the Red Rye Ale brewed last week bottled. 100 Litres in 330ml bottles. Good colour, taste bitterness and rye aromas and flavour but will need to let it condition, final gravity 1031 thus ABV of 4.1%. Summer programme worked out too, to brew next week and to redo our first brew of Best Bitter this time with less bittering hops and to use the Hop Rocket for more aroma. Also today rearranged some of our pipe work so now able to sparge without pipes getting in the way and also quick fit connectors on the Hop Rocket.

HOP ROCKET As I have mentioned in previous post we are now using a Hop Rocket at the Brewkery, well I am sure some of you are wondering what is a Hop Rocket. I feel it is appropriate at this time of the 50th Anniversary of the moon landings to say a bit more about the Hop Rocket. The Hop Rocket is made by Blichmann and is used as a means of getting more hop aroma into the beer. This is what they say about it. "The HopRocket™ is an incredibly innovative, feature packed hop infusing tool! Not only can it be used as a hopback, it doubles as an in-line hop infuser (Randalizer) for your beer dispensing system and TRIPLES as an in-line filter*! Definitely cool, and clearly Blichmann - let the HopRocket™ put your hop aroma into orbit!!" Here are a couple of pictures, as you can see called a Rocket because of the shape and from the cut away image the rocket is filled with hops. We are using in the region of 80 to 100 grams and the hot wort straight from the Copper and the wort is pumped through entering in at the top and exiting through the bottom pipe where it is then cooled through the plate chiller and then into the fermenter. So far we have only used it with the Golden ale and initial tasting are that it has worked well, we will see in the next few weeks as it conditions.

Hop RocketHop Rocket

Introducing Equal Brewkery

Equal Brewkery

We are an ambitious not-for-profit community interest company and our key aim is to make and sell great tasting bread and delicious beer. The reason we are different is that our brewers and bakers have learning disabilities. Any surplus we make form the sale of bread and beer will be reinvested into training and support in the Brewkery and promoting employment opportunities for the participants.

All our Directors are local residents, based in Norwich, presenting a wide range of skills and experiences, having all established and supported mainstream and community-based businesses in a variety of industries and services areas. 

The core focus of our work is to enrich and enable the lives of people who experience profound and enduring additional health and social care needs, including facing financial and employment exclusion due to their long-term and at time progressive health status. 

Our services are focused within the communities of Norwich, often working within informal residential and neighbourhood structures, to ensure our provision can provide additional benefits for our members and advantages for their communities. 

We work to build self-confidence and self-esteem, by instilling a sense of self-worth and confidence alongside practical and transferable skills. 

Skills and Experience - Building Confidence 

About us: Equal Brewkery is led by Bill Russell, who presents over 30 years experience of working within primary education, and over 10 years experience in brewing. 

What we are aiming to do

To show that people with learning disabilities can participate fully and contribute to a financially successful and sustainable business.

How will we do it

With the help of volunteers train people with learning disabilities to make brew and bake bread and sell in the Norwich and Norfolk.

Offer routes to employment for people with a learning disability in the beer and baking industry Share our learning with other areas and groups who want to set-up and develop similar companies Promote and publicise our work to help improve awareness and perceptions of people with learning disabilities

It will be

A not-for profit enterprise established for social good Train and promote employment for  people with little or no work experience. Produce high quality products that taste good and have strong branding and appeal to the Public Sell 2,400 bottles and 200 loaves of bread per month , rising to 7,200 bottles and 800 loaves Shared learning about how brewing can offer genuinely attractive jobs for people with learning disabilities.

by Bill