Brewkery Update 2019

Hello Everyone

This will be the year we will be finally up and running (I hope).

Below I have tried to detail some of  what has happened during the last year and what we hope will happen in the near future. Unfortunately our fate and therefore progress is not always in our own hands but I am fortunate that a few committed people have stuck through thick and thin to ensure the project is still moving, if only at a snails' pace at the moment.


We are literally waiting day by day to see if we have been given the lease to run the kitchen  at Independence Matters on Ipswich Road Norwich.

This is a fully equipped kitchen  with an additional room which would provide us with space to brew in. It would also provide us with the responsibility to run the café/shop from the kitchen for the staff and customers at the centre, and thereby provide the Brewkery with an income. 

I originally looked at the kitchen at the beginning of September 2017 and said we would like to take over the lease. However, it still has not been confirmed by Norfolk County Council (Law department) that we are able to become the leaseholder. You may be as puzzled as I am why it has taken so long for the local authority  to make a decision but apparently this, as Tom Jones says -   is not unusual!


In preparation for taking the responsibility for the kitchen I have arranged training through Community Education in Food and Hygiene. This will take place on the mornings January 17th and 24th Wensum Lodge King Street Norwich. We may be able to recruit additional people train and support currently we have 8 people. If you could spare time on these two mornings and would like to join us please let me know.

Help please 

If the lease is approved on the kitchen in the next few days we will have to spend some time cleaning it. Again I am looking for volunteers to join us to provide a deep clean to the kitchen and equipment.

Just for information we visited Fat Cat Brewery last year. Before we get underway with our own brewing  we have tentatively agreed to brew with them, take part of the brew and bottle it.

The brewing will take place with the assistant brewers but we will need additional help in bottling 2000+ bottles - again help would appreciated


I am still attending the School of Social Entrepreneurs in Ipswich once a month -next date this Thursday. If you remember  I was awarded £3,500 to develop the project. I have been allocated a mentor from Lloyds Bank, who is already providing support and help Gareth Morton.

I have less successful in applying for other grants. Turned down by Norwich City Council,Tudor Trust, Awards for All  specifically on that one  because they don't support the production of alcohol. Looking to apply to Bright Ideas in the next few days.

I attended a workshop  on Crowd Funding held by Norwich City Council but at this stage it doesn't seem to be a viable funding stream. Also given we are a registered Community Interest Company the idea is that we generate income through the sale of goods to meet the demands of the Brewkery.

If and when we get the kitchen we can start on our social media campaign to promote what we are doing.

So there we are. Watch out for next installment.



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