Brewkery News July 2019 V4

Brewday yesterday, a new one for us, a variation on the first brew of the Pale Ale. This time an American Pale Ale, Pale Malt and a touch of Crystal as I do like a bit of colour and some crystal maltyness in my beers. Hops for this, Equanot Motueka and Simcoe at the start of the boil, Motueka and Simcoe at flameout and then run through Motueka and Simcoe in the Hop Rocket. Just over 100 litres of wort collected with an original gravity of 1050 so we are looking at 5.2% if ferments out. Good peachy hop aromas coming off the wort so looks promising.

We tried the Red Ale we bottled last week not fully conditioned yet, but definite rye taste to it, will try it this weekend with a few fellow beer drinkers. We will be bottling Friday next week as off to GBBF next Tuesday.

Now looking at going into full production after the summer break as Bill is away and deciding on our core brews and which to have for the Norwich Beer Festival in October.

If you are a CAMRA member and have just received your What's Brewing there is an article in Beer about the Ignition Brewery in Sydenham which is very similar to what we are doing but on a bigger scale.



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