Brewkery News July 2019 V2

Fourth brew today ably assisted by Under Brewer Will. This time the fourth in our regulars if all goes to plan. A Red Ale this time, 100 litres mash , Pale, Crystal, Amber and Crystal Rye malts. Mashed for 75 minutes, boil 1 hour, hopped Equanot hops at beginning of boil and at flame out, fermenting with SO4 yeast Original Gravity 1043 so looking at 4.5%. This time also added Brewers Clarity an enzyme from Murphy and Son which will breakdown polypeptides in the wort thus preventing hazes and also taking the Gluten level down to less than 20 parts per million. Last weeks bottling tasted a hoppy bitter Golden ale, needs chilling on a day like this so will try it later.


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