Brewkery News July 2019

Sorry we didn't get to post last week but Robin was a bit busy with the Royal Norfolk Show and a tour at St Peter's Brewery. Last week, on the 25th, we bottled the Porter. 96 litres in total, tasting it then it was more of a Mild / Brown ale than a Porter. Bottles primed so on tasting today a decent bit of carbonation, some sweetness and a late bitterness, we will see what the Artisan Brewing Collective makes of it this evening at Brewdog.

Today we've brewed a Golden Ale, just pale malt and Equinot hops, plus we ran the wort after the boil through Bill's new Hop Rocket so it should have an exceedingly good hop aroma. Just over 100 litres in the fermenter. We were helped today by Will as the "Brewer's Apprentice". We will be bottling it next week so soon will have 4 beers to try. Next time a Red Ale.


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